Retreats 2020

To be updated – further retreats are planned for later in the year


29th APRIL – 3rd MAY:  Residential retreat at Morlupo (Roma)

With Sister Khemaka, a Sri Lankan nun from Amaravati Monastery. In English with Italian translation. Organized by the  “A.Me.Co”. Booking begins on 20th March, by contacting the AMeCo. See for information and booking.


8th–13th SEPTEMBER:  Residential retreat near Ponte dell’Olio (PIACENZA)

With Ajahn Chandapalo, in Italian language, at the retreat centre “Pian dei Ciliegi”. For information and booking:


13th–15th NOVEMBER:  Residential retreat at Solanas (CAGLIARI)

With Ajahn Chandapalo, in Italian language. To be confirmed.