Helping the Sangha

One of the traditional characteristics of Theravada Buddhism is that the teachings of the Buddha are made freely available to those who wish to receive them. Following this tradition, at Santacittarama Monastery, no charge is made either for teachings or for accommodation. The Monastery runs entirely on a donation basis, and depends for its continued existence and development upon the generosity of its lay supporters.

How to contribute to Santacittarama

All our monasteries are maintained through goodwill offerings. Many people also contribute time and skills, for example, by helping in the kitchen, the library, the garden, cleaning and driving.

If you wish, you can offer your support by contacting the monastery.

Food offerings

It is also possible to offer food and other requisites, checking what is needed in the list of suggestions that is periodically updated.

Financial support

All our monasteries are maintained through goodwill offerings or dana. Since monks cannot themselves handle money, the finances are managed by the Santacittarama Association, which is a legally recognized body.

Information on how to make financial contributions is available on the donations page.