Newsletter November 2019

It has been quite a while since we last sent out a newsletter. Life continues as usual at Santacittarama, and now Ajahn Chandapalo has returned from his 3-month stay in an alpine hermitage near Monte Rosa and a brief visit to England. A series of photos from his stay in the mountains can be viewed from the news page on our website. He is in residence until the new year, apart from a few days in Sardinia later this month and a few days in mid December at the Hartridge Vihara in Devon, where he was based before coming to Italy.

Samanera Thitamedho is due back soon from England, having spent the summer months at Aruna Ratanagiri, where Samanera Nipako has returned after his stay with us. Samanera Silanando will accompany Ajahn Chandapalo to Hartridge Vihara, where he will stay until April. An important part of the training for our novices is to spend some time in another of this group of monasteries. We now have a second anagarika (postulant), Giuseppe from Grottaglie (Taranto) took the 8 precepts in August. He already had a spell here as an anagarika around 6 years ago.

The weather was much kinder for our Kathina ceremony this year, and we were joined by Ajahn Ghandasilo and Ajahn Gavesako from Chithurst monastery. There was a very large turnout, and we were especially happy to welcome the mayor of Poggio Nativo, Veronica Diamilla, and the Thai ambassador and embassy staff. It was also very pleasing to have the new kitchen already fully functional, as well as all 3 floors of the temple building. The building project is now nearing completion, the most substantial work that remains is the upstairs floor of the main central building (in particular the refurbishing of 2 bathrooms) and the landscaping around the temple.

We expect to have a new website online around the middle of this month. The present website was created in 2002 for desktop computers, and doesn’t work so well with the smaller devices that are so prevalent these days. Our good friend Sirimedho has put a lot of time and skilful effort into creating a new website, which will be accessible at While we are still trying it out, and until we are confident that it is fully functional and that we are capable of updating it, the old website will still be available at

Events at Santacittarama do not require booking, unless stated otherwise, and are free of charge. However, those wishing to stay  overnight need to book in advance. Unforeseen circumstances may cause changes to this programme, so it is worthwhile checking beforehand on the website, which is regularly updated.

9th NOVEMBER:  Beginner’s meditation class
Saturday, 3:30─5:00 pm. In Italian. Please arrive in time!

22nd–24th NOVEMBER:  Retreat Solanas (CAGLIARI)
From Friday morning until Sunday afternoon, with Ajahn Chandapalo, in Italian, at Solanas. For information and booking (from 15th September):, Maria Bonaria 349 528 2310 (5–7 p.m.) o Paola 334 679 5221 (7–9 p.m.)

30th NOVEMBER:  Meeting at Infernetto (RM)
Saturday, 3:30–6:00 p.m. With Ajahn Mahapanyo, in Italian, guided meditation and talk, at AYCO, Via Orazio Vecchi 55, Infernetto (RM). Limited number of places, book at

7th DECEMBER:  Beginner’s meditation class
Saturday, 3:30─5:00 pm. In Italian. Please arrive in time!

27th DECEMBER – 6th JANUARY:  Daily silent meditation
Every afternoon there will be a silent meditation at 4 p.m. followed by a tea break at 5 and evening chanting and meditation at 7:30 p.m.

7th JANUARY – 31st March:  Monastic Retreat
A period for the resident community to develop their practice, free of other commitments. Day visitors are still welcome if they wish to share the silence and meditate or to support the retreat by bringing food offerings. Overnight stays will not be possible during this period.
The evening meditation beginning at 7:30 will continue as usual, except for Mondays. During this time there will be no informal meeting over tea at 5 pm and the telephone will be answered only in the mornings between 8:00 and 9:00.