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Donations (by bank transfer)

Financial contributions may be made directly to the following account (with “freewill donation” specified as the motive):

Name of account: Associazione Santacittarama

IBAN: IT95Y0832773740000000004671


Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Roma

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As with all monasteries of this tradition, Santacittarama and its resident community is supported by freewill donations and offerings of food and other requisites. Although no charges are made for staying in the monastery or participating in any of its events, financial contributions are appreciated to cover the running costs. Any excess is used to finance further building developments and to sustain the teaching and practice of the Buddha’s Way in Italy.

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“Bhikkhus, brahmins and householders are very helpful to you. They provide you with the requisites of robes, almsfood, lodgings and medicine in time of sickness. And you, bhikkhus, are very helpful to brahmins and householders, as you teach them the Dhamma that is good at the outset, good in the middle and good at the end, with its correct meaning and wording, and you proclaim the holy life in its fulfillment and complete purity. Thus, bhikkhus, this holy life is lived with mutual support for the purpose of crossing the flood and making a complete end of suffering.”

Words of the Buddha (Itivuttaka 107)